Broward County Restoration

Broward County Restoration is a market leader when it comes to mold removal, fire damage restoration, and water damage restoration. As a company, we aspire to bring your life back to normal within the shortest time possible. We know that it is quite stressful to deal with some of these issues and hence aspire to carry the burden on your behalf. Our company has the largest customer base in the market because of the exemplary services that we provide. There are so many things that set us aside in the market. No wonder we have stood the test of time when it comes to the provision of high-quality services. Our business strategy is what enables us to provide high-quality services to our esteemed clients. Here are some of the things that make us your number one choice when it comes to mold removal, water damage restoration, and fire damage restoration.


Solving the Problem From the Source

The first thing that we do when we arrive on the site is to contain the situation. Once we know that there is no further damage that is being caused on your property, we will thoroughly inspect the issue to know all the possible causes. Our experts know that it is meaningless to solve a problem without addressing the source. Our desire is to make sure that the same problem will not re-occur in the future. If the issue is mold removal, we will set the right condition in your home so that the spores cannot re-germinate. In case of fire and water damage, we will seal all the loopholes that would have led to its occurrence. Broward County Restoration is keen at giving customers permanent solutions to their problems. Call us today and you will have no regrets in the future.


High Level of Expertise

The reason you will hire professionals is because of the knowhow that they have on the subject matter. One thing that I can assure you is that Broward County Restoration will not let you down when it comes to this subject. We have well trained and highly skilled restoration experts who have all it takes to work on any restoration project. Our team knows what is expected of them and will not use any try and error when working on your project. We want to make sure that your home or office is secure for your day to day operations. All our technical experts are certified and hence you can be sure that you are dealing with the right people. The team has a high level of experience in dealing with mold removal, fire damage restoration, and water damage restoration. We have handed different types of situations and nothing is too hard for us.


Help With Insurance Claims

The good thing with most homeowners in the USA is that they have insured their homes against fire and water damage. However, insurance companies like to frustrate the efforts of homeowners when it comes to processing claims. The companies want to either make the least payment possible or look for all excuses not to make any compensation. It can be very stressful to follow up with the insurance company to foot for these bills. We have insurance experts who will help you in processing the claim. Our professionals will do all the paper work and follow up with the insurance company to make sure that they honor their obligation. In some cases, we can restore your building and make sure that you don’t pay even a single cent from your pocket.


High Level of Customer Service

Broward County Restoration is on the leading end when it comes to provision of high customer service levels. The current situation is already stressing and we will not want to add more trouble to your life. One thing you can be sure of is that we are highly responsive and will get to your site within the shortest time possible. Our desire is to make sure that we save s much as we can especially when it comes to water and fire damage. The team we have is very diligent in our services and you can trust us when it comes to offering reliable services.

Our employees also uphold a high level of integrity when implementing any project. You can be sure that all your valuables are safe as we continue restoring the building. No one will temper with anything within the compound. Our desire is to make sure that we salvage the much that we can from your property. Broward County Restoration offers the best house and office restoration services at the most cost-effective rates in the market. You can have the peace of mind once you bring our restoration professionals on board.


Our Main Service

There are three main services that we provide to our esteemed clients. These include mold removal, water damage restoration, and fire damage restoration .

  • Mold Removal

Mold spores are everywhere in the air and they can easily find their way in your home as long as they get conditions that will allow them to thrive. The presence of mold in your home can pose a danger to people who have a weak immune system, suffering from asthma, or have allergies. Our professionals will remove all these molds and leave your home clean. We also dry the space so well so that the mold spores will not get the right conditions to thrive. Our experts will also inspect your area and seal all the loopholes that could have led to this problem.  

Water damage is very common in the region and it may occur at the least expected time. We understand the intensity of this problem and will arrive to the site with immediate effect. Broward County Restoration has a highly responsive emergency response unit that can handle any extend of water damage. We have a highly skilled team and modern machines that enable us to restore your home within the shortest time possible.

  • Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage is among the worst things that can happen to your home or office. Broward County Restoration has all it takes to prevent further damage to your home as a result of fire. We will assess the current condition in your home and provide the best restoration services. In case you have a fire insurance policy, we will follow up with insurance firm and make sure that they cover all the restoration costs. You can be sure that our team will leave your home looking better than it was. Fire damage restoration is a risky job but you can be sure that we will handle it in the best way possible.

All said and done, Broward County Restoration remains to be your number one choice when you are looking for someone to restore the normal operations in your home. We have a highly skilled crew that will work in your project and return the normal operations in your property within the shortest time possible. You can get our team on a 24/7 basis and we have the right equipment to handle and restoration task. Call us today and we will get to the site within the shortest time possible.